Brent Turner

So you have somehow found my site? I commend you.

Hopefully this awkwardly large picture is helping you feel welcomed.

Unfortunately, if you would like see my latest thoughts and updates,
you will need to venture back out to the big bad Internet:

... let's start with what I do for a living.

It can be hard to define what I do. If you want to put job titles against it, I am:

Part digital marketer. Part marketing technologist. Part business analyst.
Part solutions architect. Part rocket surgeon.

Not necessarily in that order. Or even in equal parts. And I am not sure how much surgery you really want me doing on your rockets.

I have been an entrepreneur (sold a company), have thrived in entrepreneurial environments (worked for two start-ups-turned-publicly traded companies), and have been the founding member of new divisions within established companies.

I know what it takes to go from first-person-in to success:
A lot of resourcefulness. And teamwork. And hard work. And other clich├ęs.

I prototype to learn. Build to think. Launch quickly, then iterate, optimize and get agile until results are achieved — business results.

Executives at Fortune 10 companies request to work with me. Entrepreneurs working out of garages value my instincts. Moms like me.

Do you chortle when you use software that makes analytics, marketing automation, creative optimization, social monitoring, ad targeting, relationship management and content management easier? I do. Yes, I chortle.

I can also be very serious. And mature. And sophisticated (see the line above about Fortune 10 executives and moms).

I rally around people who write things like let's "infuse technology into the DNA of marketing (practices, people, and culture)."

I use thesauruses to find words like "chortle." And dictionaries to figure out the plural version of "thesaurus."

But when this life is said and done, all that I really want people to know is that I was husband to a beautiful wife, father of an amazing son, and oldest of seven brothers and sisters.

Now. I think you, mister or misses website visitor, and my site have spent enough time together. Check me out with the links on this site, see what I am babbling about on Twitter, or drop me a line.

You don't need to go to your homepage, you just can't stay here.

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